Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Fly by Text

Fly by text is something I've seen before, but I've never really made it. I've tried it in Adobe Premiere, but it never turned out well. In Premiere, you can animate the scale of text to make it look like it's flying by, but there are limits to how big you can make it. In the end, you can achieve the illusion that it's flying by (just by animating scale from really large to small), but since there are limitations to scale, it's hard to sell it. In contrast, After Effects allows z-space animation, which gives projects a three dimensional feel. In Premiere, you're stuck with just x and y. When I finished with the z-space animation, it looked great. I started seeing how this animation could be applied to pictures and videos as well. Imagine a series of pictures flying by just like the text. After finishing the basic animation, I colorized it with hue effects, added a radial gradient, threw in backgrounds, added swishes, camera shake, and turned on motion blur. Click the link to the tutorial by Andrew Cramer if you're interested in learning it yourself. Coming in at nine minutes, it's shorter than most After Effects Tutorials. 

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