Sunday, April 6, 2014

Take Out Please - Noise Removal

I've played with noise removal tools like Audacity before, but I'd never had access to Adobe Audition.  Look at how pro the interface looks. 
Audacity is GREAT for being free, don't get me wrong.  At the same time though, Adobe Audition is simpler to use IMHO. The way the interface is designed helps you make sense of the noise removal process a little more. Audacity offers many of the same controls, but when tweaking things, you don't necessarily see how it's affecting the audio track. In Audition, the interface shows a graph 24-7 that gives you a live visual of what your tweaks and changes are doing. All the studio shooting I do is from a small room next to our stage and the central air fan is ALWAYS on, can't stop it. In this video, I have a clip of audio with some of the fan noise at the end. Watch closely as I select the noise at the end, take a "noise print" and then remove that noise from the rest of the audio track. Piece of cake!

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